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We have surf lessons for beginners. You can use a rental surfboard and wet suits. We can talk to you by Japanese or English only.

Beginner’s lessons

Is target practice during takeoff from beginner lessons to surfing for the first time. Once every 90 minutes is 6480 yen. Rental surf boards (optional depending on the level), rental wet suits (depending on the size) will be loaned free of charge.

Surf lessons
Surf lessons

Beginner’s follow-up lessons

After the end of the first-time beginner lessons to start surfing! And will be free of follow-up lessons three times toward the surfboard purchased in our shop. Will teach you to follow lessons in the sea of knowledge, practice and three times through, go to sea alone. Unless very situation was dangerous, I stopped I started surfing, even though nothing remains, nothing like as much as possible seek follow-up lessons three times. While follow-up lessons after the three times in the sea and surfing together will let students.

Surf lessons

You can work better with their peers on a variety of levels. Feel free to ask for the first time here. Surf school enquiries, please Contact form.

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